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Welcome to Island Nation

 Island Nation is a Scottish design studio that creates unique design-led fashion and accessories for the conscious buyer. Our luxury collections celebrate the rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands through our unique design aesthetic.

 Founded by Glasgow School of Art graduate Kirsty Lamont, Island Nation is a sustainable brand known for thoughtful craftsmanship and artistry.  Kirsty combines her academic background with her Hebridean heritage to create evocative pieces that are rich in imagery. Kirsty’s island roots, and love of the intriguing patterns found in nature are evident in much of her work.

 We use only 100% Scottish lamb’s wool, which is renowned the world over its soft, luxurious feel: thought to be the best for next-to-skin comfort. Our make to order, and small batch production strategy helps keep our original colourways fresh and topical. Every product has been designed with quality, durability and style in mind.​



  At Island Nation Studio a huge effort is being made to reduce, recycle, reuse, and wherever possible, offset our carbon footprint and give something back to the environment.

  When you purchase from us you can be sure that your product was handcrafted right here in the UK, that all off-cuts and waste have been recycled, and that wherever possible materials have been sourced from within the UK (reducing mileage), and that only natural or recycled materials have been used.

​As part of our ongoing environmentally sensitive commitment…

*We use ocean- friendly , plastic-free and recycled packaging only

*Our mailer bags are 100% compostable

*Conscious of the impact our business makes on the planet, the fibers we use are 100% Lambswool which is completely renewable and biodegradable

*We are proud to offer our customers eco-friendly knitwear with a long-term focus on sustainability in the supply chain

In order to help off-set our carbon footprint £1.00 from every product purchased from this website goes to Trees for Life which is an award-winning charity working to restore Scotland's ancient Caledonian Forest. 

You can check out our grove here -

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